We provide affordable cGMP compliance and auditing services
for manufacturers engaged in the HEMP/CBD or herbal and
dietary supplement industries.
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A Common Sense Approach to Compliance

We offer an array of services for small manufacturers in the Hemp/Cannabis space as well as producers of herbal and dietary supplements, including but not limited to:


We offer our consulting services with the goal of helping to make your company and facility cGMP compliant with the federal standards

cGMP Auditing (Certificate)

With a successful audit of your facility, we will issue a certificate which signifies that you have met or exceeded the standards for compliance.

SOP Creation Assistance

We have a variety of SOPs in our library which can be tailored to meet your compliance needs. This saves you valuable time that can then be spent doing what you do best, running your business.

Real World Technical Assistance

We are available to assist you in preparing for your company’s compliance audit. We can offer advice and support for the creation of required policies and no cost training materials for your staff.

On-going Support (Client Portal)

Upon completion of a successful audit, you will have access to our customer portal. Through the portal you can access a digital summary of your compliance audit and cGMP certificate. Additionally, we will continue to support you after the audit has been conducted providing assistance  as needed.

Personalized Service

Once your contract has been signed you will be assigned one of our professional, helpful auditors who will work with you before, during and after the audit  to answer any question you may have. This will ensure that you are prepared for the audit and makes the entire process easier for you and your staff.

Get started today with affordable cGMP compliance and auditing services.

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